Wedding arrangement of Jack – Plumber at Pro Plumber in Putney

Jack is a plumber at Pro Plumber in Putney. He has been working hard as a professional plumber and saving money for the big day for nearly a year. Working nearly 15 hours a day, seven days a week it was hard for Jack to arrange the money for the wedding but he was happy he was collecting money for the best wedding experience.

Wedding Theme:

Since Jack was a successful plumber based in Putney, he wanted a plumber themed wedding. He hired a local wedding organiser in Putney, London. Organiser helped him with the Plumbing Themed decoration. He wanted to use the commode as the flower vase. He had a collection of 10 old commodes and had 50 red roses on each which helped brighten up the venue.

The Venue
He chose the old pub in Putney, which belongs to his dads best friend. This pub was not big but was spacious enough to accommodate 50 people easily.

Lighting and DJ were provided by Kingston based light and sound hire – LSC Sound and Light Hire Company.

We have to say LSC did a very good job with the lighting. They had made 5-foot long replica tools set with Foam Board and wrapped a multicolour LED lights around them which looked beautiful.

He also had pictures of him working as a plumber and glued to the fairy light and hanged across the pub, which was looking nice as well.

The Plumbing Van Cake

The cake was shaped like his plumbing van – Jack’s favourite van, which he been using for the plumbing job from 3 years. The chocolate cake was delicious, and it looked real. It was 2 foot high and 4 foot long. To be honest, the cake was the main attraction of the whole event.

Not to forget the candle holder was made of actual copper pipes. Love Copper Pipe Sign was made nicely. Both candle holder and signage was designed and made by Jack. We even joked he could open a new business, making them and selling in Amazon.

To give more excitement, Jack was dressed as a plumber. We have to say he loved his Plumbing Business. We have not seen many people who are creative and dedicated to what they do for their bread and butter.

Overall it was a great fun day, and everything from a commode flower vase, replica toolset lighting, copper pipe candle holder and Jacks Plumber Wedding Suit all were perfectly done and carefully arranged which made Jack The Plumber successful.

If you need a good plumber, feel free to speak to Jack. After all, he is good at what he does. So why not give this good man some business.

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