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Do you know someone who is currently struggling with addiction?
Addiction has become an epidemic in our society, but with God, that addiction can be overcome. “I hear it all the time, it is a daily thing in our society. It’s everywhere. It’s not going to get any better I feel, until the church of Christ steps in…and that’s what happened to me in detox in July of 1992,” Said Roger.
God’s Way to Recovery written by Roger and Carrie Wood, is a touching and inspiring story about Roger’s past addiction and his faith, which brought him out of it for good. Growing up, Roger experienced something that turned his entire world upside down. This trauma caused Roger to develop a deep-seated anger, and fall into the world of addiction.
This month we had the wonderful opportunity to interview both Roger and his wife Carrie. Their mission is to help others break free from the chains of addiction. Roger hopes that his book and ministry will have a lasting impact on the lives of others who are currently living with addictions and those who know someone who is struggling. Their recovery programs are faith-based. The power of God is stronger than any other, and will ultimately change the lives of others and lead them to a healthy and addiction free life.
The hardest part of Rogers recovery was forgiving himself. “The word of God says that we become a new creation in Christ, and all things become new and that is true…you have to learn and accept yourself as Jesus has.” Said Roger. “
His wife, Carrie also came to know the Lord throughout Roger’s Recovery. “The way that the holy spirit worked on me was, well, he has always been at work in my life. When I was little, we had a huge backyard, and I was laying down beneath tall grass, and I was looking up at the sky and watching the clouds, and I remember saying “God, I know you’re up there but I don’t know how to get to you. I’ve often thought back into that moment in time, and that God heard that from my heart, because we know that nature reflects God and he actually uses his creation to draw Himself to us.”
Their ministry, God’s Way, provides recovery meetings on a regular basis, and offers services to the local detoxification center and jails in their area. “We did this from the beginning, then opened the transition home, where we took in men from all walks of life and helped them with that new life in Christ. And we have five thrift stores in Delaware where all proceeds help run the ministry. We do not have the home any more, we did that for 13 years, but we are partnered with other like-minded ministries and referral services for treatment and counseling.”
“Something else we do is Cars for Mom’s and Beds for Kids. We work with referral sources, and we are able to give out cars and a lot of beds,” Said Carrie.
“I would love to see our ministry have its own recovery center in the future, and I would love to say, “We have room for you, free of charge, and bring them all in.” Said Roger.
On October 7th, Heaven’s Treasures Thrift will be giving out free copies of God’s Way to Recovery with the authors Roger and Carrie Wood at the Feasterville Heaven’s Treasures Store from 1PM-5PM. This is an inspiring story for anyone to read. To read more information about Roger and Carrie Wood’s Ministry and book, go to their website here: http://www.gw-ministries.org/

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