Second Chance Spotlight: Lisa Williams


2 Comments Sep 7, 2017

Our Second Chance Spotlight goes to one of our outstanding employees, Lisa Williams.

“Never give up hope-especially when you are in the darkest place in your life. Believe that the impossible can be possible. No matter where you are in life or the place you are at, always persevere.” said Lisa Williams, a second-chance employee at Heaven’s Treasures

Through the hardship of having a breakdown due to an abusive family situation, loosing custody of her children and going through the valleys of depression…Lisa found strength in prayer. Prayer gave her hope and the perseverance she needed restore the relationship with her children she so deeply wanted.
“It was a real challenge dealing with depression and not seeing my children at the same time.” Lisa said.
“God played a major role especially from the time I was in that dark place. After the incident, I did not think I was going to see my kids again. When I unexpectedly saw my kids at the Lehigh Valley Courthouse, it was a miracle and I knew it was a work of God. Right away, I decided to become baptized as a Christian. God was giving me strength the whole time even when I was in my darkest place.” Lisa said.

While she was recuperating, she joined a six-month boot camp program. She helped present the Hero Award to the Captain and was a platoon speaker at her graduation.
Today, Lisa has gained back 50% custody of her children. “Now, I have a great job and I am currently attending school. I am learning to have better coping skills for my depression. I have invested time in writing and fitness. Most importantly, I am back spending time with my kids and working hard to be a good mother and role model to them” said Lisa.

Lisa has gotten a second chance at life through Heaven’s Treasures, who gave her the opportunity. Lisa has worked hard to show that she is good mother who can provide and take care of her children. “We are all human. We all make mistakes. Mistakes do not define who you are. What is in your heart defines who you are. People who have charges find it difficult to find jobs, and their options are very limited. It was hard for me at first because I had a college degree, great work ethics and a good resume of my qualifications. Sadly, I was denied by one company after another because of my one-time charge. I understand that other companies want to protect their businesses. But I think they should give people second chances because that person could potentially be beneficial to the company by being an outstanding worker. Not only that, hiring them could bring a positive impact in their lives. I am just so grateful to have that second chance.”

Lisa is currently writing a book that will have details of her journey and experiences. She hopes to inspire and encourage others.


  • Kimberly
    Sep 28, 2017 at 2:12 pm Reply

    Beautiful story. I now feel even better shopping at Heaven’s Treasures knowing their purpose is to give second chances to deserving people.
    Thank you for being so open and honest about your story and showing other people that there is hope for them too. I am so glad you got your second chance and persevered to gain the things you truly wanted and deserved in life without letting the hurdles defeat you!

    Sep 28, 2017 at 4:28 pm Reply

    I was very sad after yesterday’s trip to the montgomeryville store. Clothing items are not being sorted by size and color to make shopping a more pleasant and productive experience. Other items also were not sorted very well and jammed on shelves. The shoes were nearly impossible to view since they are now on a ledge above the hanging clothing and scattered throughout the store. I spoke with an employee who told me these changes were at the direction of the new ownership. What a shame! I

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